My games collection from the past


I thought you might be interested in the games that I had growing up. I do have new ones but no big boxes 🙁 so they aren’t part of my vintage games collection.

See if you can see any influence in the games I played and the game I’m making 🙂

I’d say I’ve completed most of them, well maybe about 70 percent. Pretty much all Lucasarts (was Lucasfilms at the time) adventure games. You might notice a theme here.

If you wonder what that space is, there was a clock there 😀

Game Maker update

Hi, I’ve updated the game maker and Game Maker Core so that hotspots that are based on png image files where the non transparent pixels are where the hotspot is.

Here’s a youtube video of me explaining it badly:

‘Page One’ is in the Steam Festival :)

My game ‘Page One’ is in the Steam online festival.

I have to admit I don’t know what this really means but I should tell everyone just in case it’s important. Feedback is very important to me as it helps to draw me away from my fortress of isolation (How’s everyone else in their fortress?). So if you have suggestions, problems or thoughts let me know through the Steam discussion page

or email me or wave at me in the street. Here’s a link to the Steam store page:

Go take a look. Hope you enjoy.

Page One’ Update

So I’ve updated the core engine of Page One including hotspot workings, back end engine(Unity), VR implementation and some other stuff probably. This will not doubt break it some how. VR support is a big question mark as although I have a few of the headsets to test on, I can’t test on them all. This means if you have problems then I would love to know. The quicker I can fix them the better it will be 🙂

Game Creator Updates

This will be release later today and includes some really cool features. Well at least one 🙂

The biggest feature is the hotspot png masks that can be used. So instead of just have a circle you can place on your image you can now upload or create your own masks to highlight the area you want to be a hotspot. Something I’m very proud of here is that you can create the masks directly in Adventure Game Maker. Here’s an image if you don’t believe me:

So some fun stuff happening there 🙂

So give Page One a go and let me know what you think. The demo’s only short but I hope that it gives you an idea of how it could develop.

I’m very much looking forward to the dozen’s and dozen’s of message praising my efforts 😀

Page One release update (2nd March) and Demo now available!

Hi everyone

Well the title says it all “Page One release update (2nd March) and Demo now available!”.

But to go into more details. I’ve release the demo so that’s now available. This demo will be worked on all the way up to the release in March. The March release date is generally something I plucked out of the air and could well change but the more support I get and the more I know that people really want to see the full game the more likely I’ll buckle down and finish it 🙂

So a little about the demo. It includes some of the floors of the house and some plot elements. I’ll be adding more over time so keep an eye out if you download the demo as it will be updated all the way up to the release.

I’m very much taking suggestions on how to improve the interface and already some of those suggestions have made it into the demo already. I’ll continue to add them as we go.

So if you’re interested download it and have a try. Suggestions are welcome and encouragement very much so. I might sound needy but that’s because I am 🙂

Talking about needy I am setting up a Patreon and looking into other ways to support me so keep an eye out for that vas well. Also, what do people think about something like Partreon? It seems to be a platform that might work for me although I’m not sure what I should divide up regarding the tier system. I was thinking of access to the game creator, a key for betas and or keys for the full release and maybe a key for Whirligig? It’s something I’m trying to work out at the moment so if anyone’s had experience or suggestion about this and want to share I’d be happy to hear from you.

I hope you enjoy it, I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year and lets hope that the 2021 isn’t as much of a shitshow as 2020. Here’s to the future.

Best of health to everyone one.



I’m published my Patreon page but be aware I haven’t a clue what I’m doing and I’m just hoping it makes more sense as I go along. If you want to check it out got here:

Updates :), it’s about time.

Hi everyone

So I’ve been preoccupied with the world and not managed to update anyone of my progress. Well now all this changes 😀

Here is a list of updates in no perticular order:

Page One Demo

So I’m releasing a demo of Page One. Well that’s not actually true, well it is, well it isn’t.

What happened was Steam has a yearly festival called ‘The Steam Game Festival: February 2021’ and the aplication requirements are that you have a game that will be released in 2021. Well Page One was going to be released in beta earlier than that but it got me thinking. If I add a Demo for Page One and then release that before Christmas then I can get the best of both worlds. So Now Page One will be released as a demo before Christmas. This demo will basically be what I’ve done up until now. So this will include the 3 floors of the house to explore and a couple of puzzles. I’m busily working on this for a release soon, so keep an eye for it 🙂

The Steam Game Festival: February 2021

So I’m going to be presenting my game at the Steam Game Festival in February. I have no idea what this means. But I’ve been excepted (it wasn’t a hard application) so that will be happening. So check it out in February 🙂

Game Development

Added main menu

So after asking for feedback on Reddit it was suggested I should have a main menu. I agreed, so I’ve added one. This has meant that the save menu no longer has new game or quit. They’ve been moved to the main menu. Here is a picture:

Added Text description to inventory

Another suggestion was to add text descriptions to the inventory. This was because the screwdriver wasn’t obvious. So again I thought it was a good idea. So in it goes 🙂


I’m going to start a Patreon. Not much else to say other than that 🙂

And Finally……

So I’m going to start posting daily going up the the release of the demo. I want to make sure I’m properly working on this so expect a brief update each day.

To be honest I’m pretty sure I’m the only one reading this anyway but maybe in the future this will consider a good time capsule of what I was up to late 2020 😀