Philippa has a wide range of skills working in the media industry mostly specialising in fulldome and large format production working in both a CG artistry and tools development, experience gained during her 11 years with NSC Creative. Philippa has worked on several award winning fulldome shows during her time at NSC Creative with her contributions mostly lying the films visuals through CG animation and modelling. Aside from her film work with NSC Creative she has also worked on creating and published apps for the company including “We Are Stars” which is available through the Steam store.

In the past year Philippa has become freelance to continue development on  her of her VR media player ‘Whirligig’ and has also calibrated on a project with Arcus Studios to create an application for assisting the production of fulldome and 360 degree content called ‘Festoon’, which is soon to be released. Also soon to be released in Early Access is her adventure game ‘Page One’ which has been a passion project for her for the past 10 years. ‘Page One’ is a hand draw 360 degree adventure mystery taking part in what seems to be an abandoned beach house, posing the player with a series of puzzles to unravel the secrets that lie within.