Game Creator

About Whirligig Productions

The Whirligig player has been the core of my efforts and what I’ve been spending the last three years working on. Although at it’s heart it is a media player with front facing features that I hope add functionality and usability to the process of media playback I have also been working on an interactive media back end. This allows Whirligig player’s engine to be reconfigured to build interactive media. 

Interactive Stories

One of the biggest things that I’m interested in is making interactive stories. This requires a wide range of features such as a save system, inventory system, if and or system and much more. This is the biggest drive for the producer. If I manage to create a way to make interactive stories then all other uses become available. It also drives the continuing updates of Whirligig player. For this reason I am going to be making a game using Whirligig Producer. This is the ultimate aim and during the development of the game I’ll be developing the player to incorporate the required features, the producer to allow me to implement them and I’ll be releasing updates here of the game and the producer so other can try it out and start building there own stories.

You can download and have a play here 🙂