Updates :), it’s about time.

Hi everyone

So I’ve been preoccupied with the world and not managed to update anyone of my progress. Well now all this changes 😀

Here is a list of updates in no perticular order:

Page One Demo

So I’m releasing a demo of Page One. Well that’s not actually true, well it is, well it isn’t.

What happened was Steam has a yearly festival called ‘The Steam Game Festival: February 2021’ and the aplication requirements are that you have a game that will be released in 2021. Well Page One was going to be released in beta earlier than that but it got me thinking. If I add a Demo for Page One and then release that before Christmas then I can get the best of both worlds. So Now Page One will be released as a demo before Christmas. This demo will basically be what I’ve done up until now. So this will include the 3 floors of the house to explore and a couple of puzzles. I’m busily working on this for a release soon, so keep an eye for it 🙂

The Steam Game Festival: February 2021

So I’m going to be presenting my game at the Steam Game Festival in February. I have no idea what this means. But I’ve been excepted (it wasn’t a hard application) so that will be happening. So check it out in February 🙂

Game Development

Added main menu

So after asking for feedback on Reddit it was suggested I should have a main menu. I agreed, so I’ve added one. This has meant that the save menu no longer has new game or quit. They’ve been moved to the main menu. Here is a picture:

Added Text description to inventory

Another suggestion was to add text descriptions to the inventory. This was because the screwdriver wasn’t obvious. So again I thought it was a good idea. So in it goes 🙂


I’m going to start a Patreon. Not much else to say other than that 🙂


And Finally……

So I’m going to start posting daily going up the the release of the demo. I want to make sure I’m properly working on this so expect a brief update each day.

To be honest I’m pretty sure I’m the only one reading this anyway but maybe in the future this will consider a good time capsule of what I was up to late 2020 😀

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